Tales of The Flying Bunyip (D&D 3.5)

Session 2-???: A Sleeper's delight

Edgar drifts to sleep...

Edgar closed his eyes and drifted to sleep as he settled into the wagon pulled by Spider. The bottle of whiskey he had taken from the small mansion helped warm his belly and eased his muscles, and that’s what mattered. As the birds chirped overhead and the wagon shook back and forth, lulling him to sleep, the halfling…

Woke to find himself face down on a cobblestone floor.

Slowly, Edgar pressed his hands onto the floor and pushed himself up. Eyes scanned the room for a moment, a single torch lighting the area. It was a simple room, nothing within it, except for the door. A single wall of darkness. With a soft chuckle, Edgar ran his fingers through his oily black hair and stepped towards the wall of black and stuck his hand into it. There was nothing: No bite, nothing solid, just a hand out stretched. With a mischievous smirk, the halfling took a step forward and into the darkness.

A narrow hallway stood before Edgar, ending with another black portal of shadows before him. The the walls to his side, both lit with two torches. In the middle of the hallway was a single coil of rope. For a moment he glanced behind his shoulder to find the black wall behind his where he expected it to be… but as he looked forward, he found another similar portal across his passage way. His mind must be having fun with him as he stretched out a hand towards one of the torches and brushed his hand over the open flame.

Nothing. No warmth. Just flames passing around his fingers. An amusing moment. With a slight shrug, Edgar turned towards the passage way and made his way to the other end, snatching up the coil of rope.

It was puzzling: the rope had weight, texture, everything. Before Edgar could say anything, he had already crossed the other side of the passageway to find himself… in a familiar situation.

The passageway was as he left it, save for the rope he was now packing away. With an annoyed sigh, Edgar snatched a torch off the wall and examine the area… But as soon as he took the torch, he could feel the heat pour out from the flames. Staring at the object in his hands, he tilted his head back and listened to the air.

The path that binds us…



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