Tales of The Flying Bunyip (D&D 3.5)

Session 2-???: The Harlequin's stage

Where Edgar finds himself to be the star of the show

Minutes felt like hours as Edgar stood in the middle of the passageway. He gathered all four torches and wrapped the rope he had found around them. With an annoyed look in his eyes, the halfling ran forward and into the black portal… to find himself where he started.

He was back in the passageway. The torches that were lining the walls were now in his hands and bound by rope.

With a roll of his eyes, Edgar replaced the torches onto the wall and walked through the shadowy portal.

Again and again the halfling stepped through one side of the portal and would appear at the other end until… Edgar’s head jerked up and he tied one end of the rope around the torch at the far end torch… gripped the rope tightly and jumped through.

It was an interesting sight: The rope dangled from its bindings and into the darkness suspended, but from his end: He held the rope in his hands and feeding into the darkness behind him.

It didn’t take much to get his thoughts going, but Edgar tied the other end of the rope onto the torch in front of him, and as a sigh echoed through the hallway, the walls of shadows vanished. And there, were two wooden double doors in front of him.

There was hesitation from Edgar’s footsteps as he moved forward. The halfling eventually brought himself up against the doors and pressed his ear against it. There was silence… then clapping. The clapping Edgar heard was that of an audience. It didn’t make sense: What in his mind could be doing this to him? Soon enough he reached up to the doorknob and gripped it.

There was a weird viscus fluid coating the door in which the halfling wiped off on his pants, and with caution he opened the door to a crack… A blinding light greeted him as he peeked through. He was only able to catch a glimpse: He looked out onto a stage and apparently a spotlight was fixed on him.

There was little time for hesitation as Edgar slipped out from the door and made his way to the side of the stage. Where he expected paths off state, there were only alcoves. No time to think, and the rogue stepped into the cover of shadows and avoided the audiences view. The spotlight had not budged from the door, and as he peeked out to the crowd, he noticed an odd sight.

Every audience member, although murmuring and clapping, were nothing more than skeleton’s sitting in their seats.

Sweat rolled down his brow as he quickly pushed forward and out of his cover, jumping off stage and to the side aisle to the left. Suddenly the spotlight shot back and focused on him as he ducked for cover.

“Ladies and Gentlemen!!! Welcome to the performance of today!!! Our first player upon the stage it seems, is the ever quiet and ever sly, Edgar!!!”

The halfling’s ear’s twitched as the voice echoed behind him, and he quickly looked to the stage. There stood a man, clad in makeup and a wide smile. The jester’s hat rang with each small gesture he madeThe harlequin continued to stare out to the waiting audience who soon broke out into cheers of excitement.



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