(Unknown) Barbarian Adventurer and Abbadon's father


A large man wearing a heavy cloak and wielding a bastard sword. He has long, dark, graying hair with piercing gray eyes. He has chiseled features that make him stand out from others as a man of battle and as someone who is well travelled.


Not much is known about the man named Crom. He and the Pirate Queen Belit’s long adventuring career is mixed in songs of the Northern seas to that of whispers of legend. Whether they are exaggerated or not, is something else entirely.

There are rumors that the two had fallen in love and gave birth to a son, some state that this is true, while others view this as another exaggerated rumor.

Crom’s whereabouts since then have become nothing but rumors after he and Belit ventured into some old ruins found near the coast.

Bartleby ran into the man named Crom in the field of bamboos. It seems that he had struck a deal with Azeev for freedom from the realm he and Bartleby were trapped in, in exchange for the retrieval of two pearls. He and the halfling crossed paths at one of the pearls, but was impressed by the stout man’s bravery. He agreed to let the halfling retrieve the last pearl, even giving up the one he found earlier. Turning away from the bard, he returned to the strange woman atop the marble statue.

In the realm of dreams, Bartleby returned to Aveez to find Crom speaking to her. They had not noticed him, and the words were lost. Aveez summoned a statue of Drekker, gestured towards it, and Crom nodded. A tear in space appeared in the air where a man cloaked in black, wearing a black and white mask, and had serrated longsword on his lap, had taken shelter under a rock. From there, Crom walked through the tear and it closed behind him.


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