Bartleby Whittleson


Bartleby is heavy for his size and sports a heavy beard. He is handsome and has curly brown hair which he puts in a ponytail. He tends to put braids in his hair and beard with twigs, flowers, and grass weaved in as decoration. He is often mistaken for a dwarf. He carries around his lute everywhere he goes and tends to stick to the pubs. He will be often singing and performing for a crowd.


Bartleby Hiddleston always has a warm welcoming demeoner, but his past has been harder than most. He learned his craft from his father, a halfling bard that was murdered by muggers while traveling. This was devastating to Bartleby and his family. As thier sole source of income, the family could barely get by.

Bartebys mother became extremely depresessed and from the death of his father and unable to continue, eventually took her own life.

All that remained was Bartleby Sister Bertha who tries to keep Bartleby out of trouble as he tended to get into drinking shenanigans. Bartleby coped with his father’s death through song, and it turns out that bartleby was even better than his father when it came to music. He captured the attention from all who listened.

Bartleby Whittleson

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