Bractus Theron

Elfin Rogue with the Citywatch


A willowy elfin man often clad in black. With black messy hair, his green eye often scans the area in a paranoid manner. A series of scars come across his face revealing a glass eye that fits into his left socket. He often wears a black cloak and anything that makes him appear suspicious. Even the cloths he wears gives off the idea that he’s a “spy who’s trying too hard.”


A retired rogue who now works as a copper, Bractus is a close friend of the dwarf Drekker. Crude and speaks his mind, he works with the city watch and can often be seen skulking about. He appears to be Drekker’s eyes and ears while the dwarf keeps to the political matters.

He made a brief appearance at the Tipsy Gnoll, but eventually met up with the party at Sansport in hopes to conduct business with them on Drekker’s behalf.

Not much is known about the elf beyond him being raised on the streets and having no connection to nature like the rest of his kin. Some describe him as disrespectful, without manners, and a drunk: It is these features that drew Drekker to him.

Bractus currently works for the Kaldest Keep intelligence branch. The fact that a small city has such a branch is a mystery, considering Bractus stands out like a sore thumb when it comes to blending in with the crowd. And yet, he gets information some how.

His current mission is to investigate the trail of “Mr. Grimm,” the elf is determined to figure out the mystery behind the supposed crime lord, but keeps coming upon dead ends in his career that do not seem to match up.

Rumors have it that Bractus was a city born elf who lived on the streets. Despite his blood, he is suspicious of elves and their “spoiled and arrogant nature.” His adventuring career is unknown, but his old partner Drekker seems to leak out bits of information from time to time.

Although Bractus is in charge of Kaldest Keep’s information network, he stands out too much to be a spy himself. It is known that any assassination attempts on the elf’s life has ended in failure.

Bractus Theron

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