Celean is a pale young woman with a willowy frame. She wears no armor, but her clothing is entirely red, from her feet all the way to the ribbon holding up her messy blonde hair.

She speaks plainly, often supplementing her words with gestures. She can seem impassive at times, but if anything it would stem from a lack of understanding culture and customs rather than a lack of empathy.


Having trained at a monastery in the bleak, windy north as long as she can remember, Celean is as comfortable fighting as she is curious about strange new cultures and lands.

Under the stern training of the matriarchs she grew into a strong, disciplined fighter. Her monastery was well known as the home of many capable mercenaries, dedicating themselves to the improvement of their skill while putting it to practical use supporting the monastery and the people of the surrounding towns.

Her first mission out of training saw her traveling as a guard with a merchant caravan heading south. She hoped to bring success and a bit of gold back to fund the monastery and prove her worth. During the slow trip she passed the time taking in new sights and hearing fantastic stories of the southern cities the merchant and his family had visited. One night after drifting to sleep dreaming of seeing these things for herself, she woke up to smoke and ragged screams in the distance. The caravan was on fire; bandits had followed the group and attacked during the night. The merchant was already dead, and his family was nowhere to be seen. She was able to fight off some of the bandits, but was eventually overpowered and captured.


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