Drekker Stronginthearm

The mayor of Kaldest Keep


A dwarf in dark tones, his hair is as white as snow but he features a smile that gives off a sense of life. 5’0 and stout, Drekker is a retired adventurer who now lives the life as the mayor of Kaldest Keep. Politics have caused him to lose sleep, but he finds time to remain active and as drunk as ever. There’s never a moment where someone will look his way to find him chugging at a hip flask but still keep composure.


Loud, full of vigor, and fills the generic role of the stereotypical dwarf. Drekker is a retired adventurer who now runs the day to day political life of Kaldest Keep. Over the course of his adventuring career, he has delved into ale making and the creation of an original piece of armor called “The Can.”

Drekker Stronginthearm is a retired adventurer who was appointed the mayor of Kaldest Keep. Although he was not interested in the role, and preferred to continue adventuring about, he found it as a good place to settle down and tend to his side hobbies.

The creator of “Pop’s Ale” and “The Can,” Drekker was able to bring commerce to Kaldest – to his and those who deployed him to his position: there was a great surprise. Drekker’s business in alcohol creation picked up faster than a fish swimming downstream. The tastey beverage made Kaldest Keep a spot on the map for the south. (Beyond its connections as a preparation and defensive point for the lands)

Drekker works closely with an old adventuring companion, Bractus. The two have known each other for many years, and their conflicting personalities of “standard” and “non-standard” have worked to their advantage. To this day, Bractus works as Drekker’s source of intelligence, and their personal affairs remain their own.

Drekker Stronginthearm

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