Edgar Sharpstone


Edgar is pale and mousy. His small watery eyes are somewhat far apart and his nose and cheeks are freckled. His unkept greasy hair sticks out all angles. When he speaks or smiles you can catch a glimpse of his teeth, which look like this:


(without the braces)


Edgar was born outside the walls of Trottelheim, the largest and oldest city in some kingdom. The city owes its success to the river Trottel which flows through the center. Trottelheim is the last stop before the river empties out into a natural harbour. It’s location made Trottelheim into a bustlng center of commerce. Caravans travel in from the mainland and ships sail into the city to swap their wares.

Trottelheim’s most recognized feature is the walled district the oldest section of the city. A huge wall was constructed around an ancient cathedral in the early years of the city. At the time it was large enough to encircle the whole settlement but as time went on eventually only the richest could afford to stay within the walls. The city continued to reach outwards largely unplanned creating endless meandering alleyways between tall slanted buildngs.

Edgar’s parents dissappeared while he was too young to remember. Nobody explained what happened to Edgar. He always assumed that they had been locked up or put to the gallows for some crime. His brother Cyril and his sister Rosamie had been able to raise him by cutting purses and stealing food. Edgar learned from his siblings and discovered his own talent for theivery.

Growing more confident in their skills, Rosamie and Cyril decided to venture into the walled district in order to burglarize the home of a wealthy merchent. Edgar never heard from his siblings again but he did hear from a friend of his brother’s that his sister had been imprisoned. Edgar was devestated when he learned his brother was not so lucky. Cyril had tried to escape after being caught by city guards. Edgar was told that Cyril was shot in the back with an arrow as he tried to run away.

Having to make his way alone Edgar continued to do what he knew best. Cyril’s friend, a half-orc named Hrak, took Edgar under his wing. He showed Edgar where the best houses to hit were located. He taught Edgar about the endless tunnels criss crossing beneath Trottelheim. Some were catacombs built for the dead resting beneath the cathedral and some were built for the rich and famous to travel about the city unseen. Many others were built for mundane and mysterious reasons.

Edgars days consisted of petty crimes and serious burglaries whil his nights were spent as drunken as possible. Life just went on like this for a while until the day he was taken captive

Edgar Sharpstone

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