The Hashiro Gang

A Gang of Masked Individuals


Wearing black cloths, cloak, and a black and white mask, the individuals call themselves Hashiro and raid what resources they desire.


Several individuals that call themselves “Hashiro,” they work together to deceive and give off the appearance of a single man on a rampage. Rumors have it that they destroyed the town of Xel, and are headed north to seek the Pirate Queen Belit.

The party’s ship is eventually attacked by Hashiro, who engages them with alchemist fire. Eventually multiple attackers wearing the same cloaks and masks boarded the Flying Bunyip but were eventually repelled.

The gang had managed to steal the majority of the ship’s fuel and made an escape, but were later tracked down. Through the party’s efforts, they raided the hide out and retrieved what was rightfully theirs… with a few additional spoils on the side.

The Hashiro Gang

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