Mr. Grimm

Crime Lord of the South(?)


No one has met Mr. Grimm and lived long enough to leave an immediate clue.


Not much is known about Mr. Grimm, save for his activities. He has a reputation for drugs and trafficking life like it were a commodity. His movements have placed him in the southern regions where he made a delivery to the Parkers for their sacrifices. He had also established drug distribution in Kaldest keep, that was eventually put to a halt.

Mr. Grimm’s methods make little sense beyond his trade, and what investigations made upon him turn up as rumors.

- He never seems to age.

- The name Mr. Grimm may be an alias passed down between crime lords

- He appears, then disappears: in the time line of black market business.

- He works with chemicals and magic, making many to believe that he is a magic user of some sort.

Mr. Grimm

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