Otar is a recently freed captive and adventurer. He’s an average height and build for a human, which works out well for him as he try’s to keep a low profile. He does show tend to show some signs that he is from GlassCliff with what he wears and in mannerisms.


“It is one thing to be clever and another to be wise.” – Catelyn (IV)

Otar grew up in the city of GlassCliff deep within the desert. While the city did not have the resources to thrive economically, It was known for it’s gifted magic users, and magical exports. The most famous of which is Golems that can be created and sold to new masters.

Otar was considered exceptionally talented growing up and became well known in the city at a relatively early age excelling at matter manipulation. He showed a cleverness and a drive that is needed to become a powerful wizard and many people took notice including one of the most famous and powerful transmuters ever known, Albus Beregon.

Beregon’s adventuring days were over. He had long since retired to GlassCliff to live with his daughter Lilian in peace. He was solitary for the most part, and spent his time with his daughter, tending to his greenhouse, studying old magic, and crafting powerful artifacts for the worlds greatest heroes. His enchantments were known across the land.

Otar had an insatiable appetite for transmutation and crafting something from nothing and thus looked up to Beregon. Beregon caught notice of Otar and impressed by his skill and ambition decided to take Otar as an apprentice. Beregon rarely spoke to anyone but his daughter and had never needed an apprentice before, but Otar was thrilled at the offer.

The apprenticeship had been harder then Otar had thought. Beregon was colder than he had expected and Otar wasn’t even helping Beregon with magic. He was constantly being given servent duties. While this situation turned out to be incredibly more frustrating that Otar had expected, he still had access to Beregon’s lab. There is where Otar spent all of his freetime. There were so many resources for learning.

Otar was eager for power and tired of doing servents work. In secret, he would sneak into the lab and study transmutation and read from the wizards secret books. There was so much to learn and so much power to gain there.

Otar.jpgOtar decided to make his own creation in secret. Beregon would never allow him to use his tools or supplies, so Otar was very careful to make sure that Beregon or anyone else would ever know. Otar could barely comprehend what he was doing and Beregons tools were incredibly complex, they did make the job easier however. Otar went to work and built his Golem.

Never had someone so young succeeded in animating a structure. Otar couldn’t wait to get started on the next one. He was already thinking of improvements he could make to his next creation. Soon he would have an army of servants capable of doing anything. He wouldn’t need Beregon anymore.

The Golem did not seem to notice Otar. It seemed transfixed on all the magical equipment in the room. Otar started giving it orders, but the golem would not listen. It started moving towards a wand the Wizard had been working on earlier, walking through anything in it’s way. Otar knew he was in trouble. He tried to pull the golem back, but he was no match for it’s hulking strength.

The golem crashed through the room, grabbed the wand and began to eat it. That wand was irreplaceable! Commissioned by a king, the Beregon had spent months perfecting it. The golem quickly finished wand and looked around the room. It spotted an ornate sword and crashed through the lab to get to it. Again it started to consume the item.

Otar realized he had made a huge mistake. He knew the Beregon would punish him for this. Otar had no chance in stopping it, so he decided to run. He grabbed all the useful equipment around him that he could and headed for the door. He ran to his room and started to pack. People would hear the golem soon and would figure out what happened. He started running to the exit and passed the lab. He took a quick look inside to see what the golem had done and the golem started to head for the door. It crashed through and started chasing Otar.

Otar saw someone come around the corner. He prayed it wasn’t the Beregon. Lilian had sleepily come to see what the commotion was about. Otar panicked and ran past her to leave the mansion, but the golem followed. He bolted out the exit and kept running and never looked back. He only heard the scream of the girl as he left and the chomping of the golem’s teeth.

Otar never went back to the city. He knew the authorities would blame him for what happened that night. He managed to sneak out of the city and started a new life, moving from town to town. Until one day, he was captured…


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