The Can

Drekker's customized armor


Although its physical appearance is crude, “The Can” appears to be several cylinder pieces forged together. Although the structure of this armor seems solid, mobility appears to be restricted. There are hints of technology to help with this situation, but it only seems to go far. If you re looking for a piece armor that would nominate you as a “Wall,” The Can would fit this role.


Drekker first developed The Can while fighting off a way of undead single handedly. He had spent days in the forge to piece together a bit of make shift armor that ended up to be more than he expected. As the undead poured into the tunnel of Donivan Pass, Drekker stepped out in his new armor and signaled for the doors to close behind him. From there, all the undead that attacked the large mountain passageway were cut to pieces.

As a hero, Drekker was given a position to lead Kaldest keep, but he was convinced that his armor had everything to do with his victory. Even today he worked with engineers in hopes to increase his armor’s design of mobility, but from the day of Donivan Pass’s collapse, The Can has become a legend in the south as “The Wall.”

The Can

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