Tag: Abbadon


  • The Flying Bunyip

    A sandship comissioned at Sansport by Drekker, The Flying Bunyip is the base of operations for the party. Manned by a skeleton crew hired by Drekker, it has picked up a tinkerer and alchemist on its journey. It is currently equipped for …

  • Bob Smith

    Not much is known about Bob. He has only displayed characteristics of a survivor. He was kept in the cell with the other 5 player characters. Never has spoken to anyone about himself. Is Bob even his real name? He always just glowered at our heroes as …

  • Belit

    Crom's mother who had perished while venturing into ruins with her husband. p. For some reason a man has headed north in hopes to connect with her.

  • Crom

    Not much is known about the man named Crom. He and the Pirate Queen Belit's long adventuring career is mixed in songs of the Northern seas to that of whispers of legend. Whether they are exaggerated or not, is something else entirely. There are rumors …