Kaldest Keep

What was once used as a front line defense against invaders who crossed the White Sea, the Keep had turned into a town focused on trade between itself and the north. This was once a wall for the kingdom of Terval.

The keep itself is placed atop a steep hill, security high and a strong militia presence obvious to those approaching the area. Encircling it is that of a market place that’s frequented by many. What was once a defending post for armies had become a bustling city. At the center where the military district lays are high raised walls to keep the heart safe. The marketplace is separated by 4 different districts: Hawk, Manatee, Pigeon, and the Bear. From there, the next layer is composed of the residential district where a blending of races reside.

The keep seems to stand out in terms of racial politics, the common that are found on the streets are those of humans, dwarves, and half-orcs. Often times you would find halflings and half-elves, but those who are full blooded and pointy eared? They seem to avoid the keep entirely.

The area is under military rule, a combination of strict security to a laxed state easiness for the civilian life. Even those of the monster race are accepted, some starting business on this hillside: Although not bustling with customers, these pockets of business get business none the less.

The head of Kaldest Keep is that ofDrekker Stronginthearm, a retired adventurer who once created a shop in the area and slowly rose to power. Although he didn’t want the position, he was stuck with it. The former leaders of Kaldest who manned the lands during Terval’s rule either disappeared or were killed, but Drekker took the position during the Kingdom’s downfall and eventually announced the area as independent.

Currently the city stands as a wall of security for the south, but as a independent city, free for everyone. Whether or not the “elegant” races like.

Kaldest Keep

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