Tales of The Flying Bunyip (D&D 3.5)

Session 2-???: And in this Corner

Edgar finds himself fighting someone he did not expect

The halfling’s hand drew up to shade his eyes from the spot light, his attention focused on the man dressed up as a jester. “Who are you? Where am I?”

The plastic smile remain frozen on the harlequin’s face as he turned to Edgar. “Why I’m here because you’ve summoned me! Tis your invitation is all I needed, and thus, I am here! What a silly question to come from you!” The audience burst into laughter, the sound echoing throughout the auditorium.

With a furrowed brow, Edgar drew his hand to his side to make sure he still possessed his weapons, and to his approval, he could feel the weight of the crossbow.

“And now we shall see who walks away from this mess, shall we? I introduce to you, our second player to enter the stage! Let us see who walks away with the body eh?!” The Harlequin continued to stare at Edgar with unblinking eyes as the audience’s cheer grew in excitement.


Edgar’s head jerked towards the aisle as a bolt came piercing out of the darkness. With quick reflexes, the halfling’s arm raised and he deflected the projectile with his buckler. Without hesitation he raised the crossbow from his side and fired in the general direction of where his attacker could be.

There was no confirmation of hit, just the sound of his bolt hitting something in the far back. Soon enough another spotlight switched on and focused on another individual in front of him.

A halfling, smoothed well kept hair, wearing his clothing, and featuring a perfect smile. He looked like Edgar, but a more “gentlemanly” and perfect version of him. The other Edgar had finished reloading his crossbow and brought it up to fire once again.

“A doppleganger?” Edgar’s eyes went wide before he dived into a row of seats. As he kept his head down low and pushed past the skeleton’s legs, he looked up and noticed the spotlight was still following him. Cursing under his breath, he loaded another crossbow bolt and looked up to notice that the other spotlight was slowly making its way towards his position. With finger resting on the trigger, the halfling relaxed on his back and waited… then fired as soon as his assailant came to view.

A solid thunk noise was heard as the other Edgar stood with mouth open in shock. There was no time to waste as Edgar dropped his crossbow and unsheathed his dagger. Tackling his twin and pinning him to the ground, the halfling pressed the blade to his attacker’s neck. “Who are you!?”

Through strained breath, the twin muttered “I’m… you!”

“That’s stupid. Why are you here?”

As the other Edgar’s face contorted in pain, he seemed to have a confused look in his eyes. “You summoned me… YOU summoned ME.”

Through clenched teeth, Edgar slit the throat of his attacker and stood up. The audience cheered as victory seemed to be had, and the spotlight redirected itself back to the Harlequin who now clapped his hands excitedly.

“Bravo, bravoooo! It’s good to see you’ve still got possession of your body! I do look forward to us meeting again in the future, but please. Do not bother me like you did this time. It can be quite annoying.” Although the jester’s face was frozen in its amused state, the tone of the man’s voice had dropped from a cheerful demeanor to that of irritation. Before Edgar could say anything, the Harlequin made a grand gesture towards the audience and the spotlight switched out on him. Then switched out on Edgar.

As the halfling stood in darkness for a moment, he eventually took a step forward and a light above him seemed to turn on. He was no longer in a large auditorium, but in a sealed room similar to the one he started in. There was a steal door instead of a shdowy portal, air vents carved into the wall, a lever besides the door, and two numbers above the lever. A 1 and a 0.

The halfling’s shoulders tensed as he took another step forward and the 10 began to count down. 9… 8… 7… Rushing up to the lever, Edgar grasped it and gave it a sharp tug down. The count down had stopped and reset itself back to 10.

Over the course of time, the rogue attempted to pry the door open. Climb up to the vent and yell into it… but only was yelled back by his own voice, words, etc. With every pull of the lever, Edgar would pace then try to listen beyond the steel door, only to hear his own mumbled words from the other side.

Finally, Edgar turned around… stood in the middle of the room and watched the count down.





The steel door slid up and the other room revealed itself… it was a passage way like he expected, but with dagger in hand, he proceeded forward. The new room was like the one he was in, light source from above, vent of the door, a lever, the counter at 0. No other exits. Nothing of notice save for…



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