Peter Quillin

The party's "mule" and Tinkerer


Missing half his hair and featuring burns all over his body and face, this young man smiles and is full of energy. He wears a gray vest and earth tone colors, and seems to do his best to blend in with the background.


Peter Quillin lived in the town of Xel until an attack that resulted in his injuries and the destruction of his home. He turned up in Kaldest Keep with the rest of Xel’s refugees, and had to beg to earn coin. He eventually made his way into an inn where he found Abbadon. Given bread, Peter vented his griefs and left the establishment.

Peter was picked up by Drekker and offered him a salary to help the adventurers. Excited to do some good, the young man gathered his things and met up with the party and stated his purpose.

On the Flying Bunyip, Peter works on personal projects as well as traps for easy deployment.

Peter Quillin

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