Found at the southern part of the White Sea, Sansport is a major city that’s held up by several pillars. At the very top is a floating island that’s tethered to this architectural wonder of magic and ingenuity.

The lower level is reserved for the lower class, trade, and food markets.

The middle level is reserved for the middle class, merchants, and other types of trade.

The top level is reserved for the upper class, magic shops, and access to the floating island.

The floating island is a highly secured piece of mass where wizards study, and politicians work. No one, but authorized personal are allowed onto this part of the city.

The docks can be found at the base of the pillars of the city.

Sansport has several bridges that feed traffic up to its levels. These are called “The Grand Bridges” and welcome travelers far and wide.

Rumors have it that Sansport was once a magical beacon of society that was brought to ruins. Atop it, civilization brought it back into working order and into modern society. From here, a council helps manage what happens in the south after the downfall of Terval.


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